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TX Whiskey Review

TX Whiskey Review

TX Whiskey Review

When looking at the Firestone and Robinson Distilling Company, you will be able to find five different bottles, the TX Blended Whiskey, the TX Straight Bourbon, and the TX Barrel Proof Bourbon.

There are two choices with the TX Barrel Finish, a Sherry finish and a Port finish.

Before we look at each of the whiskies, let’s learn more about the story behind the bottle.

Unlike other whiskies, the TX Whiskey doesn’t have a century of history, and there were no shady goings-on during prohibition.

What we love about this Distillery’s story is their caps. The first caps used leather from the boots of the Distillery owners and visitors.

If you take your boots in, they will make you a personalized leather cap. So in this sense, every bottle of TX Whiskey has its own unique story.

Each whiskey also has a vital element of the Texas way of life incorporated into it.

TX Blended Whiskey Overview


The leather from the cap comes from cowboy boot leather, the canvas around the neck from chuckwagons of Texan heritage, and even the silver band around the bottom of the bottle contains traces of Texan silver spurs.


This whiskey is 41% ABV blended with straight bourbon, matured in ex-bourbon barrels, and has distilled grain spirit.

On the nose, you can detect the sweetness of candy along with chocolate and vanilla.

These aromas follow through into the first sip with a hint of creaminess.

You will notice a gradual buildup of heat and a rich bitter finish.


TX Straight Bourbon Overview


The straight bourbon uses only ingredients grown in Texas.

The corn, wheat, and barley are all grown in Texas by fourth-generation farmers. The yeast is their strain from Texas pecan and pure Texas water.


The smell reminds you of a summer meadow and flowers. But, there is also a subtleness of maple and cinnamon.

It’s probably the warmth of the cinnamon that we favored. On the palate, you get some nice allspice and brown sugar.

Overall, the finish is smooth. This whiskey has won Gold in the International Spirits ad Gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

TX Barrel Proof Bourbon

TX Barrel Proof Bourbon

TX Barrel Proof Bourbon


Here we have a whiskey that isn’t for the faint-hearted at 63.7% ABV (127.4 proof).

It is completely unfiltered, so no carbon or chill-filtration is used in the process.

It’s also uncut, meaning it hasn’t been diluted with water before bottling. Finally, the bottle is marked with the date the barrel was harvested.


This comes with complex aromas and flavors. You will notice caramelized peaches and figs along with the maple syrup and cinnamon on the nose, not to forget the brown sugar.

The predominant flavors are dark cherry, toasted vanilla, and baked apples with cinnamon.

The finish lingers for just the right amount of time.

This is also an award-winning whiskey gaining Gold in the International Spirits Challenge 2020 and earning 92 points in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020.


TX Barrel Finish Overview


Sherry Finish


By taking the 4-year-old TX Straight Bourbon and finishing it in Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks for eight months, you have the TX Straight Bourbon PX Sherry Finish.

The casks come straight from a bodega in Cadiz, Spain, where the sherry ages 20 years in a solar system.

It’s a unique drinking experience. You can smell wood, molasses, dried dark fruits, and spice.

The taste is like Christmas spice in a bottle, topped with sweet caramel. It is sold at 50.8% ABV.


Port Finish


The TX Straight Bourbon is also used to create this unique whiskey.

The casks come from the Douro Valley in Portugal, where they have aged Tawny Port for ten years.

The sweet red wine brings caramel and nutty flavor to the bourbon, which rests in the casks for six months.


The caramel first reaches the nose, followed by honey and cinnamon with a slight touch of sweet smoke.

Like the sherry, there is spice, apricot, and maple syrup but perhaps more noticeably, chocolate. It also comes at 50.8% ABV.


Each bottle of the TX whiskies brings about its flavor and experience.

The Firestone and Robertson Distillery has produced a range with something for everyone with excellent quality with just five bottles.

It is extraordinary how they have captured the Texan spirit, even when adding an Iberian twist.

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TX Blended Whiskey | No Nonsense Whisky

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How to Drink TX Whiskey


The short answer is. However, you prefer to drink your whiskey.

Each has a smooth finish that works well over ice or neat. We have a couple of cocktails that we were pleased to make and taste.


TX Strawberry Lemonade

For those summer evenings, the strawberry brings a fresh fruitiness, and lemonade quenches the thirst.


  • Two parts TX Whiskey
  • 75 parts lemonade
  • 25 parts strawberry Daiquiri

Add all of your ingredients with ice and mix well, shaking if possible.

Strain the mixture over a tall glass with more ice. Add a slice of strawberry to decorate.

TX Hazelnut Coffee Cocktail

This has a bit of everything to spoil yourself for those cold nights that you want to warm up with your favorite whiskey.


  • 1 part TX Bourbon
  • 1 part Hazelnut Liqueur
  • Three parts hot coffee

All you need to do is pour the ingredients into a heatproof mug or glass.

If you want to go all out, add some whipped cream on top with a little grated chocolate.

TX Hazelnut Coffee Cocktail

TX Hazelnut Coffee Cocktail


TX & Ginger

This is one of the Firestone and Robertson Distillery favorites and is perfect for all year and any occasion.

It’s also simple and uses ingredients you probably already have in the pantry.

  • Two parts TX Whiskey
  • Three parts Ginger Ale
  • A Squeeze of lime

Mix the whiskey and the ginger ale and pour them into a tall glass over a generous amount of ice.

Add a squeeze of lime and save a slice of lime as a garnish.

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TX Whiskey Review