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Old Forester 1910 Whisky Review – Old Fine Whiskey!

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Old Forester 1910 Review

Old Forester 1910 is one of the whiskies from the Brown-Forman Shively Distillery in Louisville.

The Brown-Forman Distillery is one of the giant American-owned spirits and wine companies and among the top 10 largest global spirits companies. Despite having more than 4,700 employees, Brown-Forman remains a family-run business, with the current CEO, Garvin Brown IV, being a 5th generation Brown family member.

What’s so lovely about this is that the stories of the Old Foster 1910 whisky have been passed down from generation to generation for 150 years.

In 1870, George Garvin Brown was a young pharmaceuticals salesman who sold whisky in sealed glass bottles. When whisky was still commonly sold from the barrel, this was an innovative approach.

It wasn’t until October 1910 that the Old Forster 1910 whisky was created, and some would say the same out of sheer bad luck. When a fire broke out, the bottling line had to be shut down.

There was no way of knowing how long the vat of mature whisky would have to wait until it could be bottled. Instead of risking the vat of whisky, it was placed in a new, charred oak container to rest.

This could have been one of the first cases of double barrelling whisky and at least the first documented case.

The same method is used today. Mature Old Forester at 100 percent proof is stored in a lightly toasted heavily charred barrel, almost to the “point of incineration.” The incineration of 1910 tells you just how this whisky got its name.

Old Forester 1910

Old Forester has an extraordinary claim to fame. It is America’s first bottled bourbon and the only bourbon that has been sold by the same company before, during, and after prohibition—thanks to the license from the U.S government to produce Old Forester for medicinal purposes.

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Overview of Old Forester 1910 Whiskey

Old Forester 1910 is classified as straight bourbon. To be classed as a bourbon, it must be produced in the U.S., aged in a charred oak barrel, and made from at least 51% corn. The mas bill of Old Forester 1910 is 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley.

This rich dark bronze whisky is 93% proof, 46.5% ABV. It was released in 2018, but there is no information on how long it has been aged for.

Old Forester 1910 on the Nose

The first scents to detect are a slightly sweet oak aroma. Once this passes, you are met with caramel and vanilla.

If your sense of smell is sensitive, you may even detect some pecan. All the while, you still get the underlining oak smell.

We found that this is a whiskey that you want to leave to sit in the glass as the aroma becomes more pleasant with some time to air.

Old Forester 1910 on the Palate

You will appreciate the smoothness of this whiskey, and you can understand how the wood’s sugars have been able to dissolve into it. It is a sweet whisky with hints of burnt caramel and vanilla. There is still a charred flavor, and it’s impossible to miss the taste of the oak. Some may not consider the flavors to be deep, but with just the hint of berries, there is no doubt that it’s not a delicious and wonderful drinking experience.

The finish of Old Forester 1910 is where oak comes into play. It’s solid and rich, but the caramel and vanilla still remind us of the sweetness.

Overall, Old Forester 1910 is oaky, sweet, and with a subtleness of fruitiness. It’s almost heavily on the mouth but certainly not in a negative way. The second barrelling process adds a hint of buttercream and sticky toffee with a slow release of warm spice.

The Old Forester Range

Old Forester 1910 Review

While using the same process as the Old Forester 1910, other Old Forester whiskies warrant a mention. This include:

  • Old Forester 86 proof Kentucky straight bourbon whisky
  • Old Forester 100 proof Kentucky straight bourbon whisky
  • Old Forester Birthday bourbon straight bourbon whisky
  • Old Forester single barrel select Kentucky bourbon whisky
  • Old Forester Whiskey Row Series: 1870 Original Batch
  • Old Forester Whiskey Row Series: 1897 Bottled in Bond
  • Old Forester Whiskey Row Series: 1290 Prohibition Style
  • Old Forester Kentucky Straight Rye Whisky

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How to Drink Old Forester 1910

Neat, this whisky was fine, but not to everyone’s taste. Some might prefer it with just a drop of water; however, this whisky is fantastic to make a range of cocktails. Here are some worthy examples:

The 1910 Caramel Vanilla

A slight twist on the Old Fashioned, this cocktail only needs 2 ounces Old Foster 1910, 0.25 ounces of caramel-vanilla syrup, and a splash of your favorite aromatic bitter. Mix the ingredients with a little bit of warm water, ensuring that the container is heatproof.

Pour into a glass, and to warm the soul, add a toasted marshmallow or two on top.

Here Kitty Kitty

Again, Old Foresters uses the 86-proof bourbon, but we felt that the subtle hint of berries worked well with the fruity flavors of the Here Kitty Kitty.

Take a handful of raspberries and mash them up slightly, not enough to make a paste. Add 0.75 ounces of lemon juice and another 0.75 ounces of syrup.

Top that with 2 ounces of Old Forester 1910. Once you have given it a good shake, strain it over a tall glass with plenty of ice.

Top it up with sparkling apple cider. If you want to invite your friends around, add some whole raspberries to garnish.

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Train to Penn Station

Though initially using the 100-proof rye whisky, we liked a slightly toned-down version. This cocktail has also been used with gin, but with Old Forester 1910, you get an oaky cocktail with delicious notes of citrus and hints of floral.

Mix 2 ounces of Old Forester 1920 with 0.5 ounces of Grandiflora syrup, 0.25 ounces of Crème Yvette, and 0.75 ounces of lemon juice. Strain the cocktail and add a twist of lemon peel for decoration.

Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky Review

Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky Review

The Old Forester line occupies a somewhat isolated position in the assortment of American spirits.

Old Forester is one of the oldest brands, originating from the very beginnings of American distilling, rightfully ranked among the classics of local bourbons.

So, today in this article, We will give Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky Review.

See these below…

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Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky Review:

Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky is made from corn, rye, and barley malt. The grains are crushed and kneaded, after which they are fermented for 5-7 days. At this stage, a branded yeast strain is used, which is grown daily in our distillery.

The long fermentation process provides the drinks with an unsurpassed depth and complexity of the bouquet. After double distillation, the bourbon is placed in new American oak casks made in-house cooperage, where it matures and acquires a harmonious bouquet.

To create exclusive drinks, the masters of the distillery manually select oak containers from the warmest corners of the warehouse. The heat allows the bourbon to reveal its character to the maximum. The result is a unique, bright, powerful, and perfectly balanced blend.

One of the oldest drinks in the brand line is created using two types of barrels. The aroma of bourbon combines shades of buttercream, toffee, cedar, and apricot. A smooth, rounded taste, notes of sweet oatmeal cookies with raisins flavored with milk chocolate, caramel, and spices are guessed.

The bouquet ends with an exquisite finish of charred oak and spices. So, let’s see the Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky Review…

Old Forester 1910 Fine Whisky Review

Old Forester 1910 Fine Whisky Review


High-rye mash bill of 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley and a thousand little secrets to settle with the sky where virtuous souls inevitably frown the eyebrow while sniffing this water of the devil.

Distill, and filter the liquor drop by drop over a thick layer of maple charcoal (mellowed charcoal), differentiating it from an ordinary bourbon.

Finally, please leave it to mature for two years in a new, toasted barrel (pour downgraded whiskey into it and set it on fire). Waiting while dreaming of the exchanges between the wood and the liquid that permeates the wheels to steal their flavors, summer expansion and winter retraction included, tapping the barrels regularly, an essential mark of the staff’s affection, bottling, to serve.

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It has a rich dark shade of amber with golden undertones. The jug configuration here is a more established style, more conventional than their more up-to-date forms.

It sports a thick base that rapidly tightens to a more slender midriff and afterward grows back to a thickerwiderer before finishing in a medium-length neck. The entire thing is finished off with a blue name and a plug.


The manufacturer promises a bitter and sweet, floral solid nature aroma, rich tobacco leaf, with hints of mint and vanilla on the background of pine and oak.

Its fragrance is woven from a bouquet of floral, honey, and sandalwood notes with a touch of iris.

Oaky and delicately sweet. Rich caramel leads the way with a feeling of vanilla, new prepared cake, frosting, and a touch of sweet walnuts. A light layer of rich oak balances it. It’s unpretentious yet simple, straightforwardreciate, and anticipates the remainder of the taste.

I observed the nose becoming increasingly more agreeable as I let the pour sit in the glass. This is one whiskey that you’ll need to require some investment with while drinking.


The taste is spicy at first but quickly softens, with hints of sweet corn, rye, and oak. It has a soft, harmonious, and perfectly balanced taste with velvety hints of black pepper spice and sweet smoke.

A smooth and balanced sense of taste of sweet cereal treats and milk chocolate, trailed by kinds of caramel corn and flavors.

Old Forester 1910 Fine Whisky Review

Old Forester 1910 Fine Whisky Review


The aftertaste of Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky is incredibly long, complete, and rich, with a slight warming effect. The sense of taste is perfectly fruity to begin, with ready strawberries, raspberries, and a rich note of kirsch. This turns tart at midpalate with the complement of lemon juice and a smokily-sweet message of caramelized sugar. This completes quietly, with really waiting for therapeutic cherry notes. All through the mouth, this turns harsh at focuses, again in the style of Madeira.


While oak assumed a part in the nose and sense of taste, oak is upfront in the completion. The finish is long, warm, and ith a good level of sweetness. An overwhelming kind of scorched oak drives the accuse and is intermixed with a light portion of caramel and vanilla. These better flavors blur and are supplanted with dry calfskin and a light stogie box.

These flavors wait for seemingly forever. It’s a beautiful completion and one that causes you to acknowledge how well this whiskey could match with a stogie.


Before consuming it, of course, in moderation, the learning process was tough. challengingirst sip even proved dissuasive. The second sip allowed to soften the emotion, to channel the flavors, nose, mouth, and the phases, attack, and length. This fire so quickly spread from the lips to the palate, this power, caramel, licorice, burnt wood, this brute force, 40% alcohol.

A subtle balance that gives it its exceptional taste. The bottle is presented in a sober and somewhat vintage case! This whiskey has a superb amber/golden color. In the mouth, the attack is initially peaty and peppery. Then it evolves towards softer aromas. We feel salty aromas in the end. In short, it is a tasting whiskey as we like them. If you want to think outside the box, this Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky will give you full satotalaction and surprise your guests!

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Old Forester 1910