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Russell’s Reserve Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon

As someone who loves bourbon, it is always exciting to try a new barrel-proof bourbon. Barrel-proof bourbons are bourbon that has been aged in barrels filled with high-proof spirits. The result is a whiskey that is intense and flavorful.

Read on if you’re wondering what makes Russell’s Reserve Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon unique!

Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 13 Year Old Kentucky
Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Old Kentucky

This blog post will discuss the key ingredients and flavors that make this whiskey one of the best barrel-proof bourbons on the market. We hope you enjoy learning about this fantastic whiskey!

The bourbon has a heavy mouthfeel and an oak finish.

The flavors of honey, caramelized sugar, and vanilla bean cream pie crust come through on the palate with dark cherry cola and cinnamon spice hints.

It is not hard to believe this would make for a sound mixer in cocktails like Old Fashioneds or Mint Juleps (though we recommend using only one ice cube).

What is Barrel Proof Bourbon?

Russell’s Reserve Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a bourbon that has been aged in new, charred oak barrels for at least two years.

The resulting spirit is barrel proof – meaning that it has been distilled at a point where the alcohol content is above 190 – and hence highly potent. Only about 2,000 bottles of this bourbon are produced yearly, meaning it is a rare collector’s item.

How to taste and assess barrel-proof bourbon

How to Taste and Assess Barrel-Proof Bourbon

Russell’s Reserve Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon is one of the most sought-after bourbons on the market. It is made from a blend of 65% corn, 35% malted barley, and 5% rye. This bourbon has been barrel-aged for at least two years, giving it a deep color and rich flavor.

First, to taste and assess barrel-proof bourbon, determine the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV). According to the Kentucky State Library and Archives, barrel-proof bourbons must have an ABV of at least 100%.

Once you have determined the ABV, pour some of the whiskey into a glass and let it warm, so it is comfortable to drink. Take a small sip and let it sit in your mouth for several seconds before swallowing. If desired, you can also smell the whiskey to sense its flavor.

The Different Types of Bourbon

Russell’s Reserve Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon is one of the unique bourbons on the market.

It’s a barrel-proof bourbon, meaning it was distilled at a higher proof than other bourbons and then stored in new, charred oak barrels.

This process produces a bourbon with a richer flavor and more complex aromas.

This bourbon also has a higher price tag than other bourbons. However, its high quality makes it worth the investment.

Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old Kentucky

Available for a limited time only, each bottle of Russell’s Reserve 13-Year Bourbon is made of 100% American-grown corn and water sourced from the Kentucky River and aged a minimum of 13 years for a distinctive, rich, warm flavor best enjoyed right out of the bottle.

It offers lots of aged characters on the nose. On the palate, it is sweet and warm.

Dried dark fruit notes complete with charred confectionary notes of charred marshmallows or burnt brown sugar. Smoky campfire notes enhance the finish on the palate.

If you want something more traditional regarding your whiskey-tasting experience, Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon is worth checking out!

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Russell’s Reserve Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

Russell’s Reserve Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a bourbon aged in newly charred oak barrels. The barrel-proof rating indicates the strength of the bourbon, with 98.9% being barrel-proof. This bourbon has a rating of 94 on the American Whisky Society’s (AWS) scale.

This bourbon is made from a mash bill that consists of 95% corn and 5% malt. It is finished in new charred oak barrels for 18 months. The resulting whiskey has a deep color and flavors of wood, caramel, and vanilla.

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How To Make Wooden Barrels?

In barrel making, we start by selecting barrel wood. In some instances the barrel is fabricated from oaks of several different kinds; the more widely used are wood oak barrels. Although the barrel is mainly made using French oak, the barrel is different from French oak and American oak.

French oak has a more subtle flavor than American oak. The barrel wood is harvested in various oaks carefully handpicked by coopers to provide consistent and watertight products. The wood is formed into thin staves stacked and left to dry years later until it is fully developed.

Why Is Oak Used For Barrels?

Oak is the perfect wood to make a barrel, due to several distinctive characteristics, including durability, liquid-tightness, and coopering suitability.

A huge number of medullar rays are present in barrel wood, adding strength. White oak contains cells that contain tylose block vessels and result in blocked pores that stop leaks.

What Are The Different Types Of Oak Trees?

Approximately 600 different oak varieties worldwide – about 90 mainly native to the US. North America has the largest number of varieties of oaks of any tree. Most are grouped under red oak species and have long elongated, lobed leaves with sturdy trunks and acorns.

Several oak species grow in other places around the world. The United States contains over 100 types, while several European countries have selected different oak trees for the country’s native leaf.

What are the Different Species of Oak Used for Wine Barrels and Whiskey Casks?

Oak is considered the finest wood to produce barrels over hundreds of years. It is considered the best wood for aging whiskey since it contains one pseudo tannin called gallic acid and is rich in many compounds that enhance its spiciness.

Oak provides the best wood for wine barrels as it ages and improves the flavor.

What Are Wood Oak Barrels?

Wood barrels or casks are cylindrical hollow jars with bulging centers longer than the wider ones. Traditionally these were created using timber staves and tied with wooden or metal hooks. The large wooden bottled alcohol is called Vats, and smaller barrels are labeled Kegs.

Modern wine barrels are manufactured using wood from three types; the typical normal sizes of oak barrels are shown below:

What Are Wine Barrels Made Of and How To Make Wine Barrels?

Oak has been used for years as wine barrels’ main wood for storing and transporting wine. Today most white wines have been fermented into oak wood bottles in oak.

How much does a bourbon barrel cost?

Can Bourbon be bought in bulk for less than $20? According to the distillery age of the bourbon and many others factors the average cost varies from $800-$15,000. They may even exceed $200,000.

What barrel is used for bourbon?

All Bourbons aged in American white oak barrels. The trees are unique, therefore, each bottle has considerable variations in its shape. Oaks generally have between 80-120 – 90 years of age when harvested.

How much bourbon is in a barrel?

Generally, the bourbon can reach the US size of 53 gallon. This size of barrels has been the world standard. A 53 gallon whiskey barrel will yield 150 – 250 bottles, with 750 MilliLites a bottle. There’s 300,627 milliliters of whiskey per gallon.

How much bourbon is left in the barrel after 23 years?

The world’s top whiskey, Pappy Vonne Winkle 23 starts life at 53 gallons of whiskey at 115 proof. What has left after 21 years is only 14 gallons of bourbon with around 133 – 140 proofs. It’s much more difficult to see in bottles.

What are whiskey barrels used for?

The bourbon bottle is an incredibly tasty vessel used by distillers for other beverages and has been widely applied around the globe to create a distinctive flavor for the brew. Is there more delicious beer than grilled booze barrels that tell a tale?

What makes a whiskey barrel?

Wooden liquor barrel is a wood-based product because it is quick and porose. American oak barrels are primarily used to make aging as these add to whiskey and wine’s flavor. Other wood barrels for aging wine and whiskey are oak and cherry, redwood, and cherry wood.

What’s another name for a whiskey barrel?

Many of the cask types ranges from around 250 to 500 l. 500 litre bottles are the most commonly used. The hoghead is barred from the bourbon staves and has newly fashioned oak ends. Butts are the typical size bottles used to make sherry.

What is the difference between a whiskey barrel and a wine barrel?

Whiskey bottles are generally larger and hold fifty gallon bottles of choice. Wine barrels can be up to 59 gallons in height and length depending on the wine type. All right.


Russell’s Reserve Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon is one of the most popular bourbons on the market, and for a good reason.

It has a rich taste that is sure to please bourbon enthusiasts everywhere.

Whether you want to impress your friends with a unique bottle or want something to sip on while watching your favorite movie, Russell’s Reserve Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon is worth trying.

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Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 13 Year Old Kentucky