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BLACKENED American Whiskey Review

BLACKENED American Whiskey Review

BLACKENED American Whiskey Review

The roar of a stadium stack of subwoofers will shiver you to the core.

You be familiar with this if you’ve ever attended a program or event by any touring artists, even slight-known acts in the tiny roadside pubs across the continent, the primal nature of sound, as well as the ability to manipulate volume, has entranced man ever since the finding of amplification methods made to communicate music over massive distance was made.

Whiskey Review: Blackened Whiskey

I was told to experience this excellent sound enhancement as I was handled the whisky bottle of Blackened review.

Master distiller Dave Pickerell died in 2018, aiming for a smooth and robust finish and a thought-provoking tasting experience.

He drew massive inspiration from the dynamic depth and emotionally driven songwriting of Metallica, and he collaborated with the band on this blend.

Moved by the very deep-throated mumbles of Metallica’s musical expression, Dave made the unique decision that the music band’s sound would physically assault the whisky during the final aging.

This initiation of Metallica’s vibe is meant to draw out the deep flavors locked inside the wood by opening up the tight pores and spaces within the charred barrels, elevating the blended whisky to profound heights.

Dave, at one time, the distiller behind Whistle Pig, was master behind the BLACKENED American Whiskey. He picked a range of ryes and bourbons from across America to blend, predominately the former.

This combination is then moved to black brandy casks for the ultimate aging. In this final procedure, the creative choice to blast the barrels with great sound โ€“ Metallica’s sound, to be precise โ€“ occurs.

Blackened American Whiskey Cask Strength

Blackened American Whiskey Cask Strength

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Blackened American Whiskey Cask Strength

The music is pumped through a proprietary black nose sound system to shake barrels free of the ultimate flavor infusion before bottling.

Does the introduction of sound make some difference?

The distiller would say so. I’m not going to argue with a creator of Dave’s notoriety and obvious talent.

Still, I will not support that they did slightly more than speeding up the aging procedure by shaking the liquid inside the barrel.

I’ll say that the end outcome is a very smooth, unpretentious drink that checks several of the boxes that this taster appreciates in a whisky.

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Packaging and Tasting Notes: BLACKENED American Whiskey

  • Packaging of the bottle

This is a stunning bottle design. The bottle’s body is a cylinder, with nearly sharp ninety-degree edges at the foundation and the shoulder. There is a slight slope as the neck joins the body, and that long delicate neck is capped off with a synthetic and wood cord stopper.

The design is visually appealing and straightforward to hold, simple to control, and easy to pour.

This stands out; the most prominent function is the black visual representation of sound waves used as a tag on the front of the BLACKENED American Whiskey, with the brand name in white color.

The other info is painted on the bottle with white ink, with Dave’s signature on the bottom.

I like the bottle design is visually amazing and ergonomically simple to use. I love that the tag is inventive and only large enough as required to convey the concept behind the brand without unnecessarily covering up the drink inside.

I think this is a fantastic design, evoking the solid rock of the Metallica in a genuinely stylish format that’d appeal to the millennial generation of drinkers, and whoever made it should be damn proud of themselves.

Price of the BLACKENED American Whiskey between 45 to 50 dollars retail, this is a solid option into the upper middle section of Pure American Whiskeys.

  • Nose

I found the nose incredibly soft, subtle, with a few definite oaky notes and a slight hint of caramel and fruitiness from the brandy barrel aging, which played with my nose slightly.

Still, overall I was not blown away by the primary wafts from my drink glass.

  • Palate

With such a soft nose, I was expecting a delicate, if not watered-down, flavor profile to greet me.

To my delight, that was not the reason. When drinking straight, BLACKENED American Whiskey exhibits a lovely bright citrus punch that evokes the juice from lemon. A mainly leathery touch accompanied this tangy front and soft mouthfeel.

A hint of herbaceous or medicinal note chased the BLACKENED American Whiskey off the center of my tongue.

There was also a minor mineral or saline aspect that was intriguing and welcome. It reminds me of Islay Whisky infused with a touch of seaweed. When poured over a fine bag cube of ice, many other flavors unlocked, and vast landscapes of flavors came forward.

Spices and caramel-like nutmeg, clove, and black pepper danced jointly for an enticing flavoring I’d love to recommend to any whisky drinker.

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Final verdict

Whether the intro of Metallica is the keystone to the ultimate structure of BLACKENED American Whiskey if any other low-frequency sounds could produce a similar effect!

I admit I can think of fewer methods to enjoy this whisky than a throw on the double album of Metallica with San Francisco Symphony and ride into a bottle with my music buddies to debate the collaborative genius behind it.

What is the ideal place in the musical age that a band such as Metallica holds, and how has their strong influence transcended every norm of music and now norms of producing the best quality whisky?

I’ll leave the physics of the sound induction procedure up to the professionals. Still, a fine drink will always play a crucial part with good music. Do not be scared to crank up the laugh and volume, discuss, and drink all night with a glass of BLACKENED American Whiskey at your side.

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Blackened by Metallica Batch 089 American Whiskey 750ml – $39.99

from: NapaCabs

Blackened by Metallica Batch 089 American Whiskey 750ml

$39.99  in stock
as of October 28, 2021 6:05 pm

Master Distiller extraordinaire, Dave Pickerell, in collaboration with Metallica, has unveiled the next evolution of whiskey with BLACKENED. The spirit isn't just inspired by the iconic banda's music, it is literally shaped by it. The team behind BLA