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BLACKENED American Whiskey Review

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BLACKENED American Whiskey Review
BLACKENED American Whiskey Review

BLACKENED American Whiskey is a new player in the world of craft whiskey. The brainchild of master distiller Dave Pickerell, BLACKENED is a blend of bourbons and ryes aged in black brandy barrels.

The result is a whiskey with a deep, rich flavor profile that is perfect for sipping neat or using in cocktails. We had the chance to try BLACKENED American Whiskey, and here is our review.

Whiskey Review: Blackened Whiskey

I was told to experience this excellent sound enhancement as I handled the whisky bottle of Blackened review.

Master distiller Dave Pickerell died in 2018, aiming for a smooth, robust finish and a thought-provoking tasting experience.

He drew massive inspiration from Metallica’s dynamic depth and emotionally driven songwriting and collaborated with the band on this blend.

Moved by the deep-throated mumbles of Metallica’s musical expression, Dave decided that the music band’s sound would physically assault the whisky during the final aging.

This initiation of Metallica’s vibe is meant to draw out the deep flavors locked inside the wood by opening up the tight pores and spaces within the charred barrels, elevating the blended whisky to profound heights.

Dave, at one time, the distiller behind Whistle Pig, was the master behind the BLACKENED American Whiskey. He picked a range of ryes and bourbons from across America to blend, predominately the former.

This combination is then moved to black brandy casks for the ultimate aging. In this final procedure, the creative choice to blast the barrels with great sound – Metallica’s sound, to be precise – occurs.

Blackened American Whiskey Cask Strength
Blackened American Whiskey Cask Strength

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Blackened American Whiskey Cask Strength

The music is pumped through a proprietary black-nose sound system to shake barrels free of the ultimate flavor infusion before bottling.

Does the introduction of sound make some difference?

The distiller would say so. I will not argue with a creator of Dave’s notoriety and obvious talent.

Still, I will not support that they did slightly more than speed up the aging procedure by shaking the liquid inside the barrel.

I’ll say that the end outcome is a smooth, unpretentious drink that checks several of the boxes that this taster appreciates in a whisky.

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Packaging and Tasting Notes: BLACKENED American Whiskey

  • Packaging of the bottle

This is a stunning bottle design. The bottle’s body is a cylinder with nearly sharp ninety-degree edges at the foundation and the shoulder. There is a slight slope as the neck joins the body, and that long delicate neck is capped off with a synthetic and wood cord stopper.

The design is visually appealing, straightforward to hold, simple to control, and easy to pour.

This stands out; the most prominent function is the black visual representation of sound waves used as a tag on the front of the BLACKENED American Whiskey, with the brand name in white color.

The other info is painted on the bottle with white ink, with Dave’s signature on the bottom.

I like the bottle design is visually amazing and ergonomically simple to use. I love that the tag is inventive and only large enough as required to convey the concept behind the brand without unnecessarily covering up the drink inside.

This is a fantastic design, evoking the solid rock of Metallica in a genuinely stylish format that’d appeal to millennial drinkers; whoever made it should be damn proud of themselves.

The price of the BLACKENED American Whiskey is between 45 to 50 dollars retail; this is a solid option for the upper middle section of Pure American Whiskey.

  • Nose

I found the nose incredibly soft and subtle, with a few definite oaky notes and a slight hint of caramel and fruitiness from the brandy barrel aging, which played with my nose slightly.

Still, overall I was not blown away by the primary wafts from my drink glass.

  • Palate

With such a soft nose, I expected a thin, if not watered-down, flavor profile to greet me.

To my delight, that was not the reason. When drinking straight, BLACKENED American Whiskey exhibits a lovely bright citrus punch that evokes the juice from lemon. A mainly leathery touch accompanied this tangy front and soft mouthfeel.

A hint of herbaceous or medicinal note chased the BLACKENED American Whiskey off the center of my tongue.

When poured over a fine bag cube of ice, many other flavors unlocked, and vast landscapes of flavors came forward. A minor mineral or saline aspect was also intriguing and welcome. It reminds me of Islay Whisky infused with a touch of seaweed.

Spices and caramel-like nutmeg, clove, and black pepper danced jointly for an enticing flavoring I’d love to recommend to any whisky drinker.

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What is BLACKENED American Whiskey?

BLACKENED American Whiskey is a unique blend of bourbons and ryes, carefully selected and blended to create a smooth, well-rounded whiskey. The whiskey is then “finished” in blackened barrels, which gives it its distinctively deep amber color.

This brand of American whiskey gets its name from the process called “blackening,” developed by founder and master distiller Dave Pickerell. Blackening is a unique barrel-finishing process that involves exposing the barrels to intense levels of sound waves.

This amplifies the natural flavors of the wood, resulting in a deeper, more complex flavor profile for the whiskey.

BLACKENED American Whiskey has received rave reviews from critics and consumers alike, with many saying it’s one of the best whiskeys they’ve ever tasted.

If you’re looking for a delicious, unique whiskey to add to your collection, BLACKENED American Whiskey is worth checking out!

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The Different Types of BLACKENED American Whiskey

There are four different types of BLACKENED American Whiskey:

  • The Original BLACKENED Whiskey – This is the original recipe that Dave Pickerell created. It is a blend of bourbons and ryes aged in charred oak barrels.
  • The Cask Strength BLACKENED Whiskey is a higher-proof version of the original whiskey. It is also a blend of bourbons and ryes, but the aged barrels are not as heavily charred.
  • The single barrel BLACKENED Whiskey – This whiskey is made from a single barrel of bourbon or rye. It is aged in heavily charred oak barrels to give it more flavor and depth.
  • The limited edition double barrel BLACKENED Whiskey – This is a unique release whiskey made from two barrels of bourbon or rye. It is aged in heavily charred oak barrels to give it even more flavor and depth.

Pros and Cons of BLACKENED American Whiskey

When it comes to BLACKENED American Whiskey, both pros and cons should be considered before purchasing a bottle. On the plus side, this whiskey has a unique flavor profile that is unlike any other on the market. The bourbon is first aged in heavily charred barrels, which gives it a smoky taste. It is then blended with Canadian whisky and finished in Hermitage casks. This results in a bold, complex flavor perfect for sipping neat or using cocktails.

On the downside, some people may find the smokiness of BLACKENED American Whiskey too intense. Additionally, at $50 per bottle, it is one of the more expensive whiskeys on the market. But if you’re looking for something truly unique and delicious, BLACKENED American Whiskey is worth trying.

What Foods to Eat with BLACKENED American Whiskey?

There are a few different ways you can enjoy your BLACKENED American Whiskey. You can drink it neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer. If you want to enhance the flavor of your whiskey, try pairing it with certain foods.

Whiskey pairs well with bold flavors. Try pairing your BLACKENED American Whiskey with grilled meats, barbecued chicken, or even a steak. If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, pair your whiskey with dark chocolate or ripe fruits like cherries or blackberries.

Experiment and find what flavors you enjoy most with your BLACKENED American Whiskey. Enjoy!

Recipes with BLACKENED American Whiskey

BLACKENED American Whiskey is a unique spirit that combines the best of bourbon, rye, and wheat whiskeys. The whiskey is charcoal-mellowed and then blasted with blackened metal music to create a unique flavor profile.

If you’re looking for recipes that showcase the unique flavor of BLACKENED American Whiskey, look no further! These recipes highlight the whiskey’s bold flavor without being too overwhelming.

Blackened Bourbon Chicken: This dish gets its flavor from a combination of BLACKENED American Whiskey and Cajun spices. The result is a flavorful, slightly spicy chicken dish perfect for a weeknight meal.

Bourbon and Honey Glazed Salmon: The sweet honey glaze on this salmon pairs perfectly with the bold flavors of BLACKENED American Whiskey. This is an easy recipe that’s sure to impress your guests.

Blackened Bourbon Steak: For a decadent steak dinner, try this recipe with BLACKENED American Whiskey as a marinade and finishing sauce. The steak comes out tender and juicy with a slight hint of smokiness from the whiskey.

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Alternatives to BLACKENED American Whiskey

There are many alternatives to BLACKENED American Whiskey.

Some of the most popular alternatives include:

The History of BLACKENED American Whiskey

Renowned distiller Dave Pickerell created BLACKENED American Whiskey. After wocreatedn the Scotch whisky industry, Dave decided to create his unique whiskey blend. Dave wanted to make a whiskey that had its distinct flavor, so he started experimenting with different recipes.

After perfecting his recipe, Dave decided to launch BLACKENED American Whiskey. The whiskey is made using a blend of bourbons and ryes that are aged in charred oak barrels. The barrels are then blackened using a proprietary process that Dave developed. This process gives the whiskey its unique flavor profile.

BLACKENED American Whiskey has quickly become one of the most popular whiskeys on the market. It has won multiple awards and has been featured in numerous publications. If you’re looking for a unique whiskey experience, you must try BLACKENED American Whiskey.

How is BLACKENED American Whiskey made?

There are a few steps that go into making BLACKENED American Whiskey. First, the whiskey is aged in charred barrels. This gives the whiskey its unique black color. Next, the whiskey is blended with natural spices to give it a smooth, rich flavor. Finally, the whiskey is bottled and ready to be enjoyed!

BLACKENED American Whiskey tasting notes

BLACKENED American Whiskey has a rich flavor with notes of vanilla, oak, and spice. The whiskey is smooth and easy to drink, with a slightly sweet finish.

Where to buy BLACKENED American Whiskey

There are several ways to get your hands on BLACKENED American Whiskey. You can buy it online through the website, or you can find it at select retailers in the United States. If you’re looking for a bottle outside of the States, your best bet is to check with a liquor store specializing in imported whiskeys.

No matter where you buy your BLACKENED American Whiskey, pick up a bottle (or two) to enjoy this unique spirit.

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How to drink BLACKENED American Whiskey

Some people like to drink their whiskey neat, while others prefer it with a splash of water or ice. o drink BLACKENED American Whiskey, it is recommended that you pour it into a glass and then add water to taste. Depending on your whiskey preference, you may also want to add ice to your glass. However you choose to drink your BLACKENED American Whiskey, we hope you enjoy it!

What kind of whiskey is 

BLACKENED American Whiskey is a blend of different whiskeys aged in charred oak barrels. The barrels are then placed in a custom-built room where they’re blasted with low frequencies of sound waves. This process is known as “sonic aging.”

The result is an incredibly smooth whiskey with notes of vanilla, caramel, and dark fruit. It’s perfect for sipping on its own or using in cocktails.

Who makes blackened American whiskey?

Many different distilleries make blackened American whiskey. Some popular brands include Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam, and Maker’s Mark. Each of these distilleries has its unique process for making blackened whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s uses a unique charcoal filtering process that gives whiskey its signature smoky flavor. Jim Beam ages its whiskey in charred oak barrels, which imparts a deep, rich flavor to the spirit. Maker’s Mark takes a slightly different approach, using seared barrels to impart a distinct flavor to their whiskey.

No matter which brand you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the unique flavor of blackened American whiskey.

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Does Metallica make blackened whiskey?

According to the Metallica website, “Blackened is a process that enhances the natural flavors of our whiskey and creates a unique sipping experience.” The process involves exposing the whiskey to low frequencies of sound waves, which supposedly help to bring out the drink’s flavor profile.

We sampled Blackened American Whiskey neat, on the rocks, and in a couple of cocktails. So, does this unique process make a difference? Here are our thoughts:

Neat: The first thing we noticed was the beautiful amber color. There were hints of vanilla, oak, and caramel on the nose. The taste was smooth and slightly sweet, with more vanilla and caramel notes coming through. There was also a pleasant warmth on the finish from the alcohol content (46%).

On the Rocks: The whiskey became more mellow and easy-drinking with ice. The sweetness became more pronounced, making it almost like a dessert wine.

Cocktails: We tried Blackened in two cocktails – an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan. In both drinks, the whiskey held its own against the other ingredients and added an excellent depth of flavor.

Overall, we were impressed with Blackened American Whiskey. It’s well-crafted and has a delicious flavor that sippers will appreciate. If you’re looking for something different to enjoy on your next night, we recommend giving it a try!

How much is a bottle of Metallica whiskey?

A bottle of BLACKENED American Whiskey retails for $59.99.

Where is blackened whiskey made?

Blackened whiskey is made in the United States. Making blackened whiskey is a bit different than the traditional method. To create blackened whiskey, charred oak barrels are used. The charring of the oak barrels gives the whiskey its distinct black color.

After the oak barrels are charred, they are filled with a blend of bourbons, rye whiskeys, and other whiskeys. This blend is then left to age for several months. During this time, the different flavors from the various whiskeys will meld together to create a unique flavor profile.

Once the aging process is complete, the blackened whiskey is bottled and ready to be enjoyed!

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What does Blackened whiskey taste like?

Assuming you are referring to the taste of Blackened whiskey, it is said to have a rich and bold flavor. Caramel and vanilla notes are also said to be present and have a smoky finish.

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Who is the distiller for BLACKENED whiskey?

BLACKENED is a small-batch, handcrafted whiskey made by master distiller Sean “Jack” McGovern. Jack has over 30 years of experience in the whiskey industry, and his passion for quality and flavor shines through in every bottle of BLACKENED.

BLACKENED is made using a unique blend of bourbons and ryes, all hand-selected by Jack. This process allows him to create a genuinely one-of-a-kind whiskey that is rich and flavorful with a smooth finish.

When did BLACKENED whiskey come out?

In 2016, Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and Metallica’s Frontman James Hetfield created BLACKENED whiskey. The debut release blended rye, bourbon, and wheat whiskeys finished in black brandy casks.

Since then, BLACKENED whiskey has released several different expressions, including a single-barrel selection and a cask-strength version. The whiskey is known for its deep, smoky flavor profile thanks to the unique finishing process.

Final verdict

Whether the intro of Metallica is the keystone to he ultimate structure of BLACKENED American Whiskey, if any other low-frequency sounds could produce a similar effect!

I admit I can think of fewer methods to enjoy this whisky than a throw on the double album of Metallica with San Francisco Symphony and ride into a bottle with my music buddies to debate its collaborative genius.

What is the ideal place in the musical age that a band such as Metallica holds, and how has their strong influence transcended every norm of music and now norms of producing the best quality whisky?

I’ll leave the physics of the sound induction procedure up to the professionals. Still, a fine drink will always play a crucial part in good music. Do not be scared to crank up the laugh and volume, discuss, and drink all night with a glass of BLACKENED American Whiskey at your side.

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Blackened by Metallica Batch 089 American Whiskey 750ml – $39.99

from: NapaCabs

Is BLACKENED a bourbon or whiskey?

Blackened American Whiskey combines traditional American whiskeys with whiskeys from American distilleries. It was hand-selected by Master distiller and Blender Dave Pickerell. Rob Dietrich has now become a Master distiller / blendr for BLACKENED® American Whiskey.

Is BLACKENED a bourbon?

The blend consists of the best bourbon and rye whiskeys selected by Dave himself and each whiskey has a unique flavor that plays an important role in the final spirit most commonly bourbon.

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BLACKENED American Whiskey Review