Bird Dog Whiskey Review – Meet Western Spirit’s Multiple Taste Whiskey!

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The Bird Dog Whiskey brand has taken flavored whiskey to a whole new level. We are used to hearing the words oaky, dry, sweet, and smoky to describe traditional whiskeys. But what about hints of grapefruit or praline? It’s time to open our minds and our pallets to the Bird Dog Whiskey family.

A Short History into Bird Dog Whiskey

It was back in 2009 when Western Spirits decided to release a line of flavored whiskeys to select markets. At first, the only flavor available was blackberry, but its popularity soon became clear, and Bird Dog Blackberry whiskey went national. In 2013, Western Spirits released Bird Dog Peach whiskey and Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon whiskey.

For some, the idea of anything that tastes different from a real hearty whiskey is just wrong, but Western Spirits only makes flavored whiskeys that make sense. That is to say, while some of the flavors sound utterly bizarre, their combined flavors actually work.

Not all flavors stand the test of time. For example, in 2014, Bird Dog Moonshine was released. This blend of Bourbon and peppermint is not one of the 13 flavors on the market today.

Bird Dog Whiskey Review

A Whiskey for Each Season

The Bird Dog Whiskey range’s interesting thing is that certain flavors are more popular at different times of the year. Just like a cold beer is more appealing in summer than in winter, Bird Dog’s fruity flavors like peach are more popular in the summer months. On the other hand, cinnamon is a favorite in winter.

What Whiskey Is Used in the Bird Dog Range?

The whiskey is a Kentucky Bourbon that has been barrel-aged. Kentucky Bourbon has a rich blend of sweet and smoky as the barrels are often charred oak. The use of real bourbon, adding unique flavors, and maintaining 80 proof is what makes Bird Dog flavored whiskeys stand out from competitors. The Kentucky Bourbon is also available to buy without the added flavors.

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What Are the 13 Flavors of Bird Dog Whiskey?

  • Blackberry- the original flavor, is a golden amber color with a smooth blackberry sweetness and honey and oak flavors.
  • Peach- another golden amber-colored whiskey, this savory peach whiskey has undertones of vanilla and oak with the warmth of rich bourbon.
  • Black Cherry- you will find a nice balance of tart from the black cherries and the bourbon’s smooth warmth.
  • Praline- if you like subtle flavors of nuts, the praline flavored whiskey tastes of pecans combined with a touch of brown sugar, adding sweetness.
  • Apple- once you have tasted the blend of sweetness from the apples, you are left with a warm cinnamon zesty flavor.
  • Strawberry- the strawberry flavor is light and fresh, making this whiskey perfect for drinking neat or with a mixer. Although subtle, you will notice the woody taste of the aged bourbon.
  • Grapefruit- the tartness of the citrus is counterbalanced with a slight caramel warmth. The citrus is strong enough to smell, but it doesn’t overpower the bourbon.
  • Hot Cinnamon- the first flavors you taste are sweet and spicy with an after taste of vanilla and oak. It’s great for a winter warmer and to add zest to your cocktails.
  • Jalapeno Honey- this award-winning flavored whiskey is an amazing combination of heat and sweetness. A truly unique experience with a crisp, warm finish.
  • Chocolate- this velvety whiskey offers layers of cocoa, vanilla, and caramel with just the bourbon hint.
  • Spiced- the allspice that is added to the finest barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon really plays with your senses. You will also detect a touch of vanilla.
  • Maple- with real maple syrup as an ingredient, this is an incredibly versatile whiskey. It’s warm, smooth and the butterscotch and brown sugar combined with the bourbon is simply delicious.
  • Blended- if you are looking for a non-flavored whiskey, the Bird Dog Kentucky Blended whiskey uses corn, malted barley, and rye. You will be left with a soft toasted caramel taste with a hint of honey essence.
Bird Dog Whiskey

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Bird Dog Awards

You know you are doing something right when your flavored whiskeys have won more awards than any other flavored whiskey. Some of the awards include:

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition- Double Gold
  • Sip Awards 2019- Gold, Double Gold, and Platinum
  • Sip Consumer’s Choice Award
  • Sip Innovation Award
  • WSWA Tasting Competition- Double Gold
  • Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2019- Gold

Bird Dog Flavored whiskey has defined the industry and has been winning awards for 10 years now.

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In Summary

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your drink cabinet, Bird Dog Whiskey is the answer. There is a flavored whiskey to suit everyone’s pallet, whether neat or combined with your favorite mixer. The brand comprises sweet, warm, spicy, zesty, and fruity flavors without compromising the whiskey’s quality.

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