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Canadian Club Blended Whisky

Canadian Club Blended Whisky
Canadian Club Blended Whisky

Made in 1858, Canadian Club was primarily distilled by Hiram Walker and quickly became the world’s most recognizable brand.

Delivering a perfect, light flavor, it is the embodiment of a whisky with the broadest appeal. Queen Victoria was famous for enjoying Canadian clubs, as does the fictitious secret agent James Bond.

Blended before aging in white oak barrels for six years, Canadian Club is a benchmark whiskey with a very approachable, perfect, and versatile taste profile. Best served mixed with a fresh squeeze of lime and Dry Ginger Ale, Lemonade, or Cola.

Concerned about Michigan’s powerful puritanical temperature atmosphere and alert of the best farmland being opened up by the Great Western Railway on the Canadian side of the river, Walker planned it was time to make a move.

The distillery was established from next to nothing and later grew into “Walkerville,” a town revolving almost entirely around Hiram Walker’s many enterprises. The town was later known as a model of industrial self-sufficiency.

 Unlike any other whiskey, being characteristically mild, light, and delicate, the Canadian club owes its distinctive and clean flavor to the fact that it is blended for maturation in white American oak barrels for a minimum of 6 years. The mixture is founded on a triple distilled base spirit which is then married with two flavoring shades, one twin distilled, the other single distilled.

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What to look for in a Canadian Whiskey before buying.

Alcohol proof

The higher the alcohol strength, the bolder the flavor. Canadian Whiskey ranges from seventy proofs for flavored Whiskey to whisky with a higher alcohol content of ninety percent.

Taste profile

Most Canadian whiskies blend rye, corn, and barley grain spirits. Rye includes spiciness; the higher the rye content, the spicier the Whiskey. There is no lowest percentage of how much rye a Canadian whisky must have.

If you want to mix cocktails primarily, a smooth whiskey is a top option, whereas you might favor a more intense, bolder whiskey for drinking it straight. Canadian whiskey flavors range from bourbon-like, soft notes of caramel, vanilla, and toffee to spicy and fruity. There are also favored Canadian whiskies, such as pecan, maple, and even peanut flavored.

Because Canadian Whiskey is by mixture, whether the whisky is a one-barrel whiskey or not has less importance than other types of Whiskey, such as Scotch.


Canadian whisky comes in an extensive range. F r mixing it into cocktails, you generally don’t have to go for the most costly one, whereas for drinking it straight, it makes more sense to spend extra cash for a top brand, such as single-barrel Canadian Whiskey.

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Things you didn’t know about Canadian Whiskey.

Here are some things about this fantastic brew that you may not know about:

Not all Canadian Whiskey is sold in plastic jugs and purple sacks

It is not common to see college students guzzling booze from purple sacks and plastic jugs. T e alcoholic beverage in those sacks or jars is dirt cheap, bland, and low-proof. A d no, it is not Canadian Whiskey, which many people back then thought of as the next top option when there were no other options to pick.

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Canadian Whiskey was the top-selling Whiskey in America

The sales of Canadian Whiskey have trumped many of its rivals within and outside the country. B  2010, the sales of this special brew from Canada slowed down long enough for Bourbon to overtake and outsell Canadian Whiskey in America. B t there is no doubt that Canadian Whiskey remains the top-selling spirit in North America.

Canadian Whiskey was primarily made from wheat.

Wheat was the key ingredient used in the production of Canadian Whiskey until the Germans and Dutch that showed up wanted their Whiskey to be more tasteful. R e was introduced, and because this latest style caught on and became increasingly famous among the whiskey-drinking community, wheat whiskey immediately fizzled out.

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70% of Canadian Whiskey is exported to America

At least seventy percent of Canadian Whiskey is exported to America. T at is saying a lot, despite the many spirits brands that litter virtually all the country’s whiskey shops, bars, etc.,

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All Canadian whisky can be labeled rye.

As stated by the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations, an item that is to bear the label “Canadian rye whiskey,” “Canadian whiskey,” or “rye whiskey” must possess the aroma, taste as well as the character of Canadian Whiskey. H re are some regulations laid down by the administration:

  •         It must be aged in little wood for at least three years
  •         Whiskey must be distilled, mashed, and then aged within the borders of Canada.
  •         Whiskey must not have less than forty percent ABV
  •         It may have caramel and flavoring

These stipulations, and many others – are also upheld all through the world via geographical indication agreements.

This was a practice that was put in place long before America came up with the regulation, which needed that any whiskey known as “rye whiskey” must have at least fifty-one percent rye in its mash bill.

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What is different about Canadian whisky?

Canadian whisky is a mixture of different mashes; it generally contains rye grain. T  be labeled as Canadian whisky, it must be distilled, mashed, and aged in wooden barrels for at least three years, and the whole process must take place in Canada. C Canadian whisky is generally lighter and smoother than American Whiskey.

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What is the difference between Scotch and Canadian Whiskey?

Scotch Whiskey must be made in Scotland. It is made from malted barley and other grains. Depending on the grain composition, Scotch can be malt or single, blended malt, blended grain, or composite. C Canadian Whiskey does not have these distinctions.

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What is the difference between bourbon and Canadian Whiskey?

I cluded to be called bourbon; it must be made in America. Bourbon is a type of American Whiskey that must have at least fifty-five percent corn. It may have other grains, such as barley, rye, or malt, but it is not permitted to contain anything other than yeast, mash, or water.;

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Canadian Club Blended Whisky