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Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

Glenfiddich single malt whiskey is one of the most delicious and popular single malts. It has been produced in Scotland in the Western Highlands since 1887. It was then that William Grant founded the independent distillery Glenfiddich Distillery there. Whiskey Glenfiddich quickly became popular due to its high quality and excellent taste. So, here in this article, see Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review…

Glenfiddich was so popular that it took over a third of the single malt scotch market. The company is doing well to this day. William Grant & Sons is a family business. Today, the company is managed by Peter Gordon, great-great-grandson of William Grant.

Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review:

Glenfiddich is a famous Scotch of Scottish origin. It is produced in the Fidick River valley, not far from the city of Dufftown. Pure mountain spring water, top-class barley, and Grant’s rich experience served their purpose. Glenfiddich single malt whiskey was born and became famous all over the world. This single malt scotch is highly acclaimed by true gourmets, who can enjoy the exquisite taste and delicate aroma.

Barley is ground into flour and mixed with Robbie Dhu spring water while heated. This thick brown porridge of the mixture referred to as “mashed potatoes,” falls into giant barrels where rotating knives lift the mashed potatoes, helping the barley starch convert into fermenting sugars.

Robbie Doo’s spring water absorbs these sugars, and after six hours, a thick dark liquid called “wort” is produced. The wort is drained and cooled to a temperature of 17°C. The chilled wort is pumped into giant wooden fermentation vats and added yeast. The temperature is understood as soon as fermentation begins, and the sugars are converted into alcohol.

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Distiller William Grant is the founder of Glenfiddich whiskey from Scotland. In 1886 The distiller was ignited by the idea of making his whiskey, which has a unique blend, taste, and quality characteristics. He began building a distillery in the Glenfiddich Valley. In a year, with the help of his family, he made his distillery and gave the name Glenfiddich, which means “deep valley.”

Appearance in 1963 single malt scotch as a single malt category is entirely related to Glenfiddich. Before that, everyone drank a mixture of malt distillate and grain alcohol. The basis of single malt scotch is a costly raw material, malted barley. The distillate for making scotch is taken from hand-made oak barrels and carefully chosen, making whiskey more costly. But the unique taste and excellent characteristics of the drink beg for expenses.

Glenfiddich Malt Scotch Whiskey, when mixing alcohol aged in American sherry and bourbon barrels, a noble drink of deep golden color with a rich aroma and taste is obtained. This Glenfiddich product is most in-demand among lovers of good strong alcohol. A harmonious combination of its taste qualities with the smell and taste of its predecessors, as well as with the unchanged properties of the tree, gives an excellent result. When used in its pure form, Glenfiddich reveals the fullness and variety of colors.

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A varied range of golden and amber hues represents all varieties.


Notes of flowers, fruits, and spices dominate the aroma. This is a drink of golden-amber color, very lightish, into a cognac glass or snifter. Aromatics, even during pouring into the mirror, began to appear. The first thing I noticed was vanilla and honey. And even a baked apple or pear with honey and nuts. The love and fruitiness are probably due to aging in oak sherry casks. By the way, oak notes in aromatics are also distinguishable.


The taste is vibrant and multifaceted. The main notes are fruits, flowers, sweetness, and spices. The single malt Scotch whiskey Glenfiddich on the palate is caramel, with hints of oak and smoke. And in the aftertaste, there is milk chocolate and quite a bit of caramel with smoke. Again fruity and honey.


It is an excellent place to start your acquaintance with malt whisky. The drink taste is sweetish, with delicate oak and fruit tones. The finish is long, soft, and pleasant.

Glenfiddich Whiskey is a single malt Scotch whiskey with distinctive notes of fresh pear and cream, subtle oak flavors, and a long, smooth, and soft aftertaste.


The finish is long, rich, and warm.


  • Exceptional amber-bronze malt revealed its character to the maximum due to aging in sherry and American barrels.
  • Luxurious whiskey has a deep fruity aroma, which is most clearly audible to the notes of baked apples.
  • The multi-layered taste plays with hints of dried fruits, dates, orange peel, and elegant oak notes. The aftertaste is long and warming.

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Whiskey has a pronounced taste of ripe figs, caramelized fruits, and hints of cinnamon and black pepper. This drink is unusually rich in flavors, aromas, and aftertaste—soft, rounded, vibrant flavor and aromatic bouquet.

Under the influence of time, the drink has acquired a sensual taste and rich aroma of meadow flowers, tobacco leaves, and oak – it reads a slight aftertaste of citrus jam, toffee, and vanilla. After a sip, flavors reveal themselves in a cascade – meadow herbs and fruits, replaced by silky oak tannins. You can also pick up and buy wine with a rich aroma from us.

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The production technology of the famous whiskey has remained unchanged since 1886. The purest water is taken from natural springs to manufacture exclusive Scottish Scotch Glenfiddich. Any drink with the Glenfiddich logo signifies quality and exquisite taste.

The resulting drinks are kept for years in barrels made of oak wood, which has absorbed the aroma of sherry and bourbon. Over the years, alcohol has been saturated with an exquisite aroma, acquiring a unique color and noble taste.

Glenfiddich is a Scotch whiskey that can be a great gift and a worthy excuse to get together with loved ones.

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Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky