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Crown Royal Canadian Whisky Review

Crown Royal is a classic whiskey brand from Canada and is highly recommended to anybody looking for a classic, smooth Canadian Whiskey.

This classic addition is ideal for cocktails and can be used in all those whisky methods that don’t specify a particular style of Canadian Whiskey.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is a beloved drink for many people worldwide.

Whether you occasionally enjoy a shot or a glass of Whisky, Crown Royal is a great choice.

This blog post will examine Crown Royal and see what makes it a popular choice.

We will also explore some of the different types of Crown Royal available on the market today and give our opinion on which is the best for you.

About Crown Royal

The Seagram corporation started its journey as a Canadian distillery in 1857 and raised to become one of the largest spirits manufacturers in Canada.

During prohibition in the US, the owners of the brand reportedly participated in bootlegging processes to bring their product into America and, as an outcome, paid 1.5 million dollars in fines in the 30s (Significantly more minor than the 60 million the American GOVT asked for, it’d be noted).

Post exclusion, again able to do some business unhindered in the US, the Seagram company decided to make a couple of new sub-brands of Whisky to satiate the US market. The two brands they developed were Seagram’s 5 Crown and 7 Crown.

Why were they named that? Well, it remains a mystery. There’re several apocryphal tales, but nothing I would pin my reputation on. The creation of both brands dropped instantly during World War 2, and by the war had claimed one more causality: the less popular Seagram 5 Crown variety of Whisky was no longer produced.

The Seagram 7 Crown version survived and would eventually become one of the most famous whiskies of the 70s, being the primary product to sell three hundred million cases in 83.

In 1939, President of Seagram Samuel Bronfman decided to launch a variant of Canadian rye whiskey to decency the visit of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI to Canada.

The company was successful in Canada but would not cross the border to the neighbor to the south until 1964. Since then, the drink has earned a solid following and remains the top-selling Canadian Whisky in the US.

The company would not last, however – in the early 2000s. Several brand divisions were carved out and sold to more giant drink manufacturers. The mixers division was sold to Coca Cola group, which still produces them under Seagram’s name. As for the Crown Royal, those drinks are still made in Canada at their own GIMLI plant.

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crown royal

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Crown Royal Canadian Whisky Review

  • Elegant Crown Royal Style

Crown Royal Produced several blended whiskies; each made using the finely-tuned skill that has become a valid signature of Canadian-style blenders. Creating a similar taste in a single whisky from the fifty-plus whiskies that can go into one of these in art, the blenders at Crown Royal Whiskies are some of its masters.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is the bottle of Crown Royal that’s the most common expression available. It has no age statement. It’s a blend of fifty full-body whiskies that are then aged until deemed acceptable.

Crown Royal Black and Northern Harvest Rye are 2 of the other signature expressions produced by the company.

They also provide a master series that shows the art of the Master blender in an even great style. And, in keeping with contemporary styles, Crown Royal Canada produces an apple and maple-flavored Whisky.

Every bottle comes wrapped in a royal purple-colored fabric bag with gold trim that clinches around the bottle. It might taste great, but the purple bag is the only thing that makes it stand out. You can forever tell a Crown Royal fan by the occasional appearance of the purple fabric bag that carries some premium stash of random items.

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The bottle seems like a perfume container, with multiple facets cut into it to make it stand out and sparkle on the shelf.

There is a felt bag that ships for the full-size variant of like has a massive shoulder with a slender waist, almost in the form of a heart. The bottle tapers rapidly at the shoulder to a short neck, and the package is topped with a plastic gold-shaded screw.

For the full-size variant of the product, there is a felt bag that the bottle ships in, adding some mystery to the packaging.

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Tasting Notes

Crown Royal Canadian whisky features caramel and light vanilla notes on the nose. There’s no alcoholic burn as several whiskies. Instead, Crown Royal provides a gentle and charming bouquet with proud cake and lemon zest undertones. Dark fruit and chocolate notes start to emerge with a cold water splash.

Crown Royal Whisky is a mid-bodied drink with enough mouthfeel to be enjoyed independently, but it’s also light enough for mixing touch. Little sweetness is marked with caramel, vanilla, brown sugar, and oak to round out the flavor profile before a punch of rye spiciness passes over the taste.

Crown Royal Whisky delivers if you like a smooth, sipping drink with the correct amount of bite. Crown is an elegant Whiskey, and it is readily apparent why whiskey drinkers are such a devoted group.

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Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is a whisky produced by Crown Royal Distillers Inc.

The Whisky is distilled in small batches and then aged for at least six years in oak barrels.

The Whisky is available in both a standard and an upgrade version. The standard version has an ABV of 40%, while the upgrade version has an ABV of 45%.

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Crown Royal Rye

I am seeking a whisky that will transport you to a bygone era. Look no further than Crown Royal Canadian Whisky.

This dram is steeped in history, and its unique flavor profile will leave you feeling like you’re smack in the middle of a whisky festival.

First and foremost, Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is an Islay whisky, meaning it’s made from whiskies that have been aged in oak casks previously used to store single-malt Scotch whisky. This extra aging process gives Crown Royal Canadian Whisky its characteristic smoky and salty flavors.

But don’t let the age factor scare you off; this Whisky isn’t all complex and dark.

It’s remarkably smooth and easy to sip, with a fruity flavor reminiscent of apricot or peach. If complexity is your thing, you may want to steer clear of Crown Royal Canadian Whisky, but this is worth a try for those looking for an easy-drinking dram that delivers extensive flavor profiles.

Crown Royal Black

Crown Royal Black is a whisky blended with pot-distilled whiskies and malt whisky.

Crown Royal Black has a rating of 40% abv and costs around $50. Crown Royal Black is produced in the town of Gimli, Manitoba.

The nose has notes of coffee, chocolate, and licorice. The palate is smooth and slightly sweet, with hints of vanilla and tobacco.

The finish is long and pleasantly smooth

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Crown Royal Silver

If you’re a fan of Canadian Whisky, Crown Royal Silver is a must-try. The Whisky is distilled at the famed Windsor distillery and bottled at 40% ABV.

Crown Royal Silver is smooth, with hints of vanilla and caramel. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an easy-drinking whisky that won’t leave you feeling burnt out.

Crown Royal Gold

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is a luxurious, smooth, and flavorful Whisky that is perfect for enjoying on its own or in various cocktails. The distinct taste of Crown Royal creates an enjoyable experience for whisky drinkers of all experience levels.

The Crown Royal Canadian Whisky blend features a high percentage of rye whiskey, which gives it a robust and complex flavor profile. The other vital ingredients include corn and malt whiskies, giving the Whisky its distinctive color and flavor. Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is also aged for a minimum of 10 years in a barrel, contributing to its exceptional smoothness and flavor.

Overall, Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a luxurious drink that will leave them feeling refreshed and happy.

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Crown Royal Platinum

Crown Royal Platinum is a Canadian whisky that has been triple distilled and aged for at least two years in oak barrels. Crown Royal Platinum has a 96% alcohol content and comes in various flavors, including vanilla, cinnamon, and honey.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky Flavors

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is a whiskey made from 100% Canadian rye. It is available in many flavors, including apple, black cherry, blueberry, caramel, coffee, cognac, floral, ginger ale, honeydew melon, maple syrup, orange creamsicle, peach cobbler, and raspberry lemonade.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky History

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is a whisky made in Canada. Crown Royal Canadian Whisky was created in 1934 by Harry J. Weil, Sr., and has been produced ever since. In 2013, Crown Royal Canadian Whisky was acquired by Diageo, which continues to grow today.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is a triple-distilled whisky made from a blend of corn, Rye, and malted barley. It has a natural straw yellow color and a slightly sweet taste with notes of vanilla and anise.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky Alternatives

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is undoubtedly a well-known and respected whisky worldwide. Several other whisky alternatives are available for those looking for an alternative to this famous Whisky. Some of the most popular Crown Royal Canadian Whisky alternatives include:

Grand Marnier: This brand is known for its sweet taste and orange flavor.

Jack Daniel’s: This Whiskey is famous for its intense flavor and robust smell.

Jameson: This Whiskey is known for its smooth taste and distinctive green color.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky Price

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is a premium whisky that is made in Canada. Crown Royal Canadian Whisky has a Parliament Rye label, which indicates it is made with at least 51% rye content. Crown Royal Canadian Whisky has a rating of 94 points out of 100 on the review website Whisky

The site’s reviewers give Crown Royal Canadian Whisky high marks for its flavor and smoothness. They also compliment the Whisky for its pleasant aftertaste and ability to keep you warm on a cold day. Some reviewers say that Crown Royal Canadian Whisky rivals more expensive whiskies, while others maintain that it’s worth the slightly higher price tag.


It provides a surprisingly long finish with subtle hints of chocolate, toasted oak, and spice.

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I have not had Crown Royal whiskies in about five years, but after the recent taste of the Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rey, I thought I would pop on to a shop I know carries the 375s for cheap and give it a try… kind of wish I did not.

The standard release does not have the fantastic complexity and the deep, robust flavor of the hand-selected, nor does it have any approachable, soft notes of the harvest Rye.

It does work well in cocktails, but unluckily my 20 years old memories look slightly fonder than my 35 years old senses are of this one.

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Q: What is Crown Royal Canadian Whisky?

A: Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is a blended Canadian whisky created in 1939 and is considered the standard of excellence for Canadian whisky. It is a legendary whisky blend of 50 full-bodied whiskies and matured to perfection.

Q: What are the different varieties of Crown Royal Canadian Whisky?

A: Crown Royal Canadian Whisky has different varieties, including Crown Royal Regal Apple, Crown Royal XO, Crown Royal Special Reserve, and Crown Royal Peach.

Q: Where can I buy Crown Royal Canadian Whisky?

A: Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is widely available in liquor stores and online. You can check with your local shop and shop online for fast delivery.

Q: What is the Crown Royal Canadian Whisky volume available in the market?

A: Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is available in 750ml and 1.75l sizes.

Q: What does Crown Royal Regal Apple taste like?

A: Crown Royal Regal Apple has a sweet and crisp flavor of Regal Gala Apples and a smoothness of Crown Royal whisky.

Q: What is Crown Royal Fine Deluxe?

A: Crown Royal Fine Deluxe is a unique blend of Crown Royal whisky that was created to commemorate the royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada in 1939.

Q: How does Crown Royal Canadian Whisky taste?

A: Crown Royal Canadian Whisky has hints of oak that provide a refined flavor that enhances your drinking experience.

Q: Can I gift Crown Royal Canadian Whisky?

A: You can gift Crown Royal Canadian Whisky to your friends or family. Crown Royal even offers a gift set with a bottle of whisky and two glasses.

Q: Is there any limit on the amount of Crown Royal Canadian Whisky I can pick up from the store?

A: Yes, laws in different states and countries limit the amount of wine and spirits you can purchase. You can check with your local store for details.

Q: What countries can I find Crown Royal Canadian Whisky in?

A: Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is primarily sold in the United States and Canada. It can also be found in some liquor stores in England and other countries.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky