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Alongside the best whisky brands that have been pleasing lovers of the spirit for years comes a new influx of distilleries making subtle differences to switch things up.

These whisky brands are introducing unique flavor profiles, unusual ageing methods, and thinking up new tricks as time passes to keep the drink at the forefront of our minds.

The best whisky brands of 2022

So you know how to drink whiskey and now you’re wondering what are the best whiskeys out there?

Whether it’s a high-end whiskey or a budget-friendly whiskey there are so many to choose from.

Here we introduce a list of 10 whiskies that you’ll want to add to your shopping list as soon as possible.

What’s The Origin Of The Word “whiskey”?

Discover the captivating origins of the word “whiskey” and unravel its rich history and cultural significance. From ancient Gaelic traditions to the anglicization process, explore the fascinating journey of this beloved beverage.

How Do Whiskey Chillers Work, And Do They Dilute The Whiskey?

Discover how whiskey chillers like ice cubes, whiskey stones, and whiskey spheres work their magic in keeping your drink cool without dilution. Explore the different types and benefits of whiskey chillers and learn about the conduction and convection processes involved in chilling whiskey. Find out why using whiskey chillers preserves the original flavors, maintains optimal drinking temperature, and offers a reusable and eco-friendly solution. Elevate your whiskey tasting experience and enjoy every sip at its best. Cheers!

What Are Some Popular Whiskey Cocktails?

Discover the world of popular whiskey cocktails! From the timeless Whiskey Sour to the classic Old Fashioned, we’ve got you covered. Find traditional recipes and creative twists in this comprehensive guide. Cheers!

How Long Is Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Aged?

Uncover the secrets behind the meticulous aging process of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, and explore the factors that contribute to its incredible flavors. Discover how barrel material, size, storage conditions, climate, and location within the aging warehouse play a role in shaping this iconic Tennessee whiskey. Delve into the chemistry of aging and the formation of congeners, and learn about the infusion of oak flavors that enhance the richness and depth of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Understand the role of time in whiskey aging and dispel misconceptions about older whiskies being inherently better. Experience the art and science of whiskey production with Jack Daniel’s.